Private & Refresher Programs

If you are new to Pilates, please read about our Pilates Principles Course from the Programs tab.  Pilates is a method of movement that is best learned in layers.  Setting a strong foundation guarantees the best results in the most efficient time frame.  By completing the Pilates Principles Course prior to joining Group Equipment Classes, all participants in the class are on the same page of learning even at various experience and fitness levels.  The class flows evenly, even with modifications that are made for injuries, or developing strength.  Most of all, the attention of the Instructor is equally on all participants to provide cues and corrections to get the most out of every exercise.  Many clients prefer to learn and be trained in Private or Semi-Private Sessions.  This is a great way to work on individual goals or limitations.  We also have an option for those with limited previous Pilates experience, or those returning from a hiatus from Pilates.  Please read more about that option in our Pilates Refresher Program.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are one-on-one personal Pilates training. A Private Session allows for individualized programming to suit the specific needs and goals of each person. Many people feel that their private sessions are more “intense” because the focus of the instructor is all on them. Private Sessions are optimal for anyone who is not comfortable in a group setting, or has other commitments that won’t allow them to attend regularly scheduled group classes. Additionally, Private Sessions are especially beneficial for anyone with structural or rehab issues, or the athlete that wants to have a sports specific focus. Private Sessions will allow you to achieve, or exceed, your fitness goals faster than a group setting. Private sessions also allow you to use specialized equipment including the Cadillac, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Arc Barrel and incorporate many of the small Pilates props to increase variety and intensity.  Regardless of which setting you choose, we specialize in you!

Semi Private Sessions

Work out with a friend, or we can try to pair you with another participant of similar level of fitness and education. Semi-privates are a fun way to get the intensity of the individual instruction, paired with the social benefit and share the cost of the session. Semi Private sessions also allow for the use of all the Pilates equipment and variety

Pilates Refresher Program

These private sessions (1-3 sessions depending on previous experience or time away from Pilates) are designed for individuals with various Pilates background experience that need an orientation to the STOTT PILATES® principles and the Aspire Pilates Training Center instruction. This is a great place to start if you’ve “taken a break” from Pilates Training for a period of time and just need to brush up on your skills before joining an ongoing group class.  Consider this option if you have been away from Pilates for surgery or pregnancy and childbirth. This is also a good place to assess the appropriate level of class for new participants to our program who have previous Pilates experience.  You will receive a fantastic workout that will remind you why you love Pilates so much!