Our Pilates Programs

A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion. -- Joseph Pilates

Pilates Principles

Our Pilates Principles Course curriculum provides new participants an individualized opportunity to build a strong foundation of the Essential Level STOTT PILATES® repertoire. It is the mastery of these fundamentals that integrates proper technique and neuromuscular firing patterns to achieve the optimal results Pilates is known for. Once that base is built, movements naturally become fluid and coordinated.  This allows for the addition of the next level of exercises which include elements of balance, coordination, control, and intensity which can be learned in a group class, or continued private setting.

Group Sessions

Group Equipment and Matwork classes are a FUN way to get a great Pilates workout with other participants.  Because of our dedication to our Pilates Principles Course, participants of group classes are prepared for pacing and intensity appropriate for their Pilates experience. Through the individualized attention of the Course, new participants are prepared with modifications, if needed, when they are ready to join a group class.  This keeps the flow of the class moving and no one feels excluded from a particular exercise.  Please discuss your level of knowledge and experience with Pilates with one of our instructors prior to signing up for any classes higher than the Essential or Combined level. This allows for safety for all involved as well as provides each participant equal attention from the instructor. Group class sizes are limited to the equipment available, so participants must sign up in advance.

Private, Semi-Private Sessions & Refresher Program

Aspire Pilates Training Center specializes in individualized instruction throughout all of our training settings. This focused attention is found in both group classes and private training sessions.  If private training is preference for our clients, we offer private and semi-private (two participants) options.  We also provide the interactive opportunity of Group Pilates Classes.  We also offer a Pilates Refresher Program design for individuals with various Pilates background experience, that need orientation to the STOTT PILATES principles and additional equipment.

Athletic & Dance Conditioning

Pilates offers increased flexibility, assistance in rehab post-injury, and a focus on building the deep stabilizing muscles of the core, leading to a stronger base for all athletic activity and balance throughout the body. As a result, athletes can withstand rigorous training regimes and ultimately improve their golf drive or baseball pitch, prevent or recover from injury and maintain an optimal weight for their activity of choice.  Pilates offers the perfect blend of sport specific training and overall general fitness.

Pilates for Youth

Pilates benefits kids in many ways, from boosting physical fitness to increasing concentration in the classroom.  Young growing bodies change quickly, effecting balance and agility.  In a society that requires a lot of sitting during the day, imbalanced and tight muscle groups lead to postural issues.  The mindfulness benefit of Pilates also assists with effectively creating more balance, flexibility, and body awareness.  It is also a way to make movement and fitness fun!

As we move our studio to join Vision Dance and Learning Center in the same building, we have the opportunity to expand our Pilates for Youth to specifically the young dancer demographic.  Combining our knowledge and training of Pilates with the experience of dance education, we are able to work on this specific group of youth.  Stay tuned for more information on Pilates training for young dancers.

TRX Suspension Training

The TRX Suspension Training system uses your own bodyweight and manipulates gravity using the leverage of various positions to improve muscular strength and endurance. Those who are familiar with the principles of Pilates incorporated in our classes, will recognize the application of these principles throughout the TRX classes. Additionally, modifications are available for every fitness level to accommodate anyone attending these group classes.  This class is a great way to add some pulse to your Pilates!