Athletic & Dance Conditioning

Pilates training is frequently discussed in post-injury or rehab settings.  However, Pilates is even more effective for injury prevention, as well as cross training.  In general, athletes as well as dancers, use large mobilizing muscles for strength and endurance of their sport.  Particularly in repetitive movement sports, like running or cycling, this can lead to overuse injuries without adequate balance of muscles at the joint.  Additionally, attention is required to maintain proper strength and recruitment of stabilizer muscles which support the joint and allow the mobilizer muscles to to do their job effectively.  This type of training dramatically decreases the chance of injury and increases flexibility, agility, and subsequent performance.

One concept that sports trainers are embracing is LTAD—Long-term Athletic Development. This type of training progresses from general to specific, and from simple movements to more complex in multiple planes. The lighter resistance and multi-angular training of Pilates, makes Pilates training of athletes and dancers the perfect for LTAD, as well as anatomical adaptation, which focuses on developing muscle memory and patterning. This is often the key to healthy athletes and dancers.

Athletic Conditioning Program

Athletic success depends on a unique balance of mental and physical skills. Pilates offers the perfect blend of sport specific training and overall general fitness. Our individually designed sessions will take you through sport specific Pilates exercises that can help increase flexibility, while improving strength agility and endurance. Part of the value of Pilates is that it enables athletes to develop greater mind body awareness creating new insight into the connection between the physical and psychological components of movement, strength, and agility.
Traditional strength training will help develop the muscles required in a specific sport, but may not address the stabilizing muscles around the joints or torso. Often, one muscle is identified and exercises designed to isolate that muscle, usually in a single plane of motion. Pilates exercises can be more complex than traditional moves—use them to recruit a larger number of muscle groups to strengthen the same muscles from many angles and in a variety of different ranges of motion.

Dance Conditioning Program

Pilates exercise enhances fluidity, corrects postural alignment and creates a mind/body connection that facilitates the ability to concentrate on learning new choreography. Pilates is a body conditioning method that focuses on rebalancing opposing muscle groups to promote a natural and neutral alignment. By strengthening these muscle groups, dancers are able to have more strength in their core and stabilizing muscles to prevent injury and improve performance. Pilates equipment and props are able to mimic specific dance movements thereby building strength as well as agility. Dance Conditioning can be done in private, semi-private or group settings.